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Soundproofing problems can happen in any home or business and everyone can be subject to some level of noise pollution, things like; vehicles, noisy neighbours, close proximity to commercial premises and noisy electrical goods can all contribute to background noise, and whilst we are able to block out a large portion of background, unfortunately, the sounds can become overbearing and can cause disruption and stress. Alternatively, it may not necessarily be loud noises but thin walls, floors or ceilings that do not offer adequate soundproofing for average levels of sound. Old houses have not been equipped to deal with the sound of modern technology, such as sound speakers, televisions, washing machines etc.

What is Sound Proofing?

  • Blocking out the sound with sound insulating materials
  • Contains the noise from within the room
  • Solid and heavy materials are required
  • The most common issue in theatres, cinema, radio studios

What is Sound Absorption?

  • Controlling the level of noise with soft materials
  • Materials are used to soak up the sound within the room
  • Most common areas that need this option are open offices, bars/restaurants, classrooms
  • Minimises echos and noises within a space


In 2003 the government introduced legislation that meant that all new buildings and developments (including refurbishments) must have a level of soundproofing and not only between dwellings but within the properties themselves, this also includes apartments, hotel rooms and residential homes. According to the regulations known as Building Regulations Part E, the sound should be around 45dB for noise.

Soundproofing can be resolved in three ways

  1. Adding mass to a structure that the sound is reflected
  2. Detach one structure from another to minimise the sound vibration travelling through the structures
  3. By adding materials such as Rockwool, sound can be reduced through the materials introduced.

Clockwork can provide you with a soundproofing solution for residential and commercial units, simply make an enquiry with us to find out how we can help.

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