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For a quotation, the fee is £nil. Upon acceptance of a quotation and completion of the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), the fee shall remain as stated in the quotation and shall not be subject to variation unless by prior agreement and confirmed in writing and duly authorised.

All prices are quoted in pounds sterling and are exclusive of VAT. Full payment will be required strictly within twenty-eight (28) days from the date of the inspection by cheque, or bank transfer as detailed on our invoice.

Subject to full payment being received, we will arrange for the FRA report to be delivered promptly. We reserve the right to wait until payment is cleared before issuing you the relevant report. We also reserve the right to charge additional sums for any additional reports, revisions or works that are required by you.


In the event that you cancel any services before receiving the FRA report, but after any visit to the premises, you shall be liable to pay; A cancellation fee of £100.00 or 50% of the quotation cost, whichever is greater.

We reserve the right at any time and for any reason, to terminate the Agreement in whole or in part by giving you (the client) written notice whereupon all work on the Agreement shall be discontinued.

If you feel we are not delivering on our promises, we will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied.


A fire safety management and inspection/audit of the premises will be carried out to enable the production of a detailed FRA to satisfy the requirements of all relevant guidance including the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.

The assessment will be undertaken using; PAS-79, Approved Document B, and relevant DCLG FSRA Guidance. The FRA will have due regard to the nature of the premises; the use to which they are put, endeavours to identify the hazards, risks and control measures associated with the premises and to identify the relevant persons at risk from them. It is intended to assist the Responsible Person and/or their Representative, in meeting their legal obligations but does not in itself ensure or confirm compliance.

The FRA report will be based upon good faith and will refer to areas, items, provisions, and systems readily identifiable and available, and upon information provided by the Responsible Person and/or their Representative.

The fire safety inspection/audit will be neither intrusive nor invasive and therefore, by necessity, certain assumptions may be made and liability will be confined to specified hazards and risks. Invasive inspections may result in damage that if not dealt with quickly, could potentially impact the passive safety measures installed or result in unsightly repairs.

The risk assessment does not include specialist tests or detailed inspection of the heating, hot/cold-water appliances, gas, electrical appliances, drainage, fire alarm and smoke detection, or other services as this does not form part of the report as detailed in PAS-79. In addition, service ducts, ceiling voids, areas above false ceilings, or similarly enclosed areas where opening-up works would cause damage to the existing fixtures and finishes, will not be inspected. Fitted carpets, furniture, and heavy objects will not have been lifted or moved. The electrical and mechanical worthiness of all plant and equipment is outside the scope of the FRA although the servicing and maintenance of such items may be commented upon, as well as the design and coverage of both active and passive fire protection systems.

If there is good reason to suspect serious structural deficiencies that could lead to the spread of smoke or fire beyond the point of the fire origin, a recommendation for a Type 2/4 FRA for further investigation may be an action point and may include a degree of destruction (on a sampling basis to check the separating construction and compartmentation of the property). This should be carried out by a competent contractor, both to open up the building and to make good the damage following an investigation.

Please note that if a more in-depth assessment is needed, an additional cost will be incurred. Both types of assessment include a comprehensive report that includes the significant findings, the issues identified and the actions required.
The FRA Assessor/Auditor will only be able to comment and report on the situation and circumstances as witnessed by, and/or advised to them, at the time of inspection/audit. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the Responsible Person and/or their Representative to implement any required actions identified by the FRA.

The FRA is a continuous, live process and must be monitored and audited, reviewed, and revised with any structural and material changes to the premises/building, the usage of, and any process carried out within it. The Responsible Person and/or their Representative should ensure that this is achieved.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 does not specify how often a FRA needs to be performed but it does state that a review should take place at ‘regular’ intervals. Depending on the outcome of the FRA, it may recommend a review annually as is commonly becoming standard practice. However, if you feel that your assessment is no longer valid, or circumstances have changed within your premises, you are advised to conduct another FRA to assess risks. As well as periodic updates, there are also a number of things that could trigger a revisit of the assessment, regardless of the length of time that had elapsed since the last one:

  • Alterations are made to the structure of the building (includes both internal and external changes)
  • A fire-related incident or accident occurs;
  • A staff member with a disability is hired
  • Young persons are employed
  • Fire safety equipment is damaged (e.g. extinguishers, alarms, detectors, fire doors, emergency lighting or any other item employed in the protection against fire)
  • Personnel numbers increase significantly
  • Changes to equipment, machinery, or furniture and fixtures occur
  • Hazardous substance storage is introduced or change

The Responsible Person and/or their Representative should note that nothing within the FRA overrides any requirements needed to comply with statutory obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 and all associated Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice.


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