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One of the most common boiler issues, is no hot water, this may be due to a loss of water pressure which is a relatively easy problem to solve. Anyone can do this and in just a few steps you will have hot water. Repressurising the boiler means allowing more water to enter the system from the mains supply, which is usually done by a filling loop.

Here is how to top up your boiler.

  1. Check the pressure on the boiler by looking at the gauge, you will see a low and a high-pressure section indicated usually in red.
  2. Now check the needle on the gauge and see whether this is in a low pressure or high-pressure zone.
  3. If your boiler is reading less than one bar, that shows that you’ve lost pressure and it needs to be topped up.
  4. Make sure your boiler is switched off
  5. There should be two valves underneath your combi-boiler, open both of these valves (you should hear the water coming through)
  6. Leave these open until you see the pressure gauge rise out of the low-pressure zone and allow this to reach 1.5
  7. Now switch off both valves
  8. Switch the boiler back on (you may have to press the reset button)

If you are in doubt on how to re-pressurise your boiler system or have done the following steps but are having continuing problems with your hot water, please consult a heating engineer.



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