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At Clockwork, we’ve put together some of our favourite DIY tips, which can hopefully help you along the way. Remember if you’ve tackled a project and need further professional assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. If you have a squeaky door or floorboards, try putting talcum powder on hinges or floorboards and the squeak will disappear.
  2. If you have spent the day painting and decorating and you have ended up with paint on your skin, try using baby oil to remove the paint.
  3. When painting, add two teaspoons of vanilla essence to one and a half litres of paint. This will reduce overbearing paint smells.
  4. Need to remove old paint stains? Use linseed oil to soften and then wipe off.
  5. Cutting through delicate fabrics with scissors can often prove difficult, if this is the case dip the scissors in boiling water which will make cutting fabric easier.
  6. To solve a leaking tap until you can get it fixed, you can tie one end of the floss around the tap and the other end of the dental floss down the drain. This way the drips will travel along the thread instead of dripping into the sink.
  7. In order to prevent any paint drips from the sides of the tin, glue a paper plate to the bottom of the paint can. Make sure the plate is around 7cm wider than the tin so that it can catch the drips.
  8. If you have scratches that need to be covered on wood furniture or floorboards, you will need to make a thick paste of instant coffee with a touch of water. Rub this paste into the scratches several times until the mark is covered. Allow this to dry and then apply a layer of furniture or shoe polish.
  9. To make sure screw are secure and won’t come loose, put a drop or two of clear nail polish into the hole before you finish tightening the screw.
  10. If you need to remove minor dents to unvarnished wood, you should wet the area with a little water, then cover with brown paper and apply a hot iron for a short period. The heat will evaporate the water and while the steam expands the squashed wood fibres go back to their original level.

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