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Fire safety is a critical aspect of ensuring the well-being of individuals and the protection of property. Recent events have highlighted the significance of fire risk assessments in preventing potential disasters. In this blog, we’ll delve into a specific case that underscores the importance of a “suitable and sufficient” Fire Risk Assessment as it is the core foundation of any building’s fire safety policy. Its purpose is to identify any hazards and provide important information for the person responsible for fire safety to carry out, mitigating any risk as best as possible to safeguard lives and assets. A thorough Fire Risk Assessment will review and identify any shortcomings and not only advise what you should be doing but advise on what you’ve not been doing to manage the risks.

The Case:

The article titled “Case against fire risk assessor collapses” sheds light on an incident that could have had severe consequences had it not been for a comprehensive fire risk assessment. The case, detailed in FSMatters, underscores the critical role that fire risk assessors play in identifying potential hazards and implementing preventive measures. It also highlights the importance of appointing a Responsible Person and ensuring that original documentation is stored correctly along with any updated records. By not providing the original documentation it was found that a number of aspects of the fire risk assessment were incorrect and had not formed part of the original documents. The case was trying to prosecute a Fire Risk Assessor for missing compartmentation issues. The case ultimately reinforces why a thorough and sufficient FRA is required and that corners cannot be cut. It protects the Occupiers, the Assessor and the Business/Responsible Person.

Importance of Fire Risk Assessments

Identification of Potential Hazards

A fire risk assessment involves a systematic evaluation of a property and management systems to identify potential fire hazards. This includes everything from faulty electrical systems and flammable materials to inadequate evacuation routes. By identifying these risks, fire risk assessors enable property owners and managers to take proactive measures to address them.

Customised Preventive Measures

Each property is unique, and fire risk assessments take this into account. Assessors tailor preventive measures to the specific characteristics of the property, considering factors such as occupancy, building structure, and the nature of activities conducted on-site. This ensures that fire safety measures are not only effective but also practical for the given environment.

Compliance with Regulations

Fire risk assessments are crucial for ensuring compliance with local fire safety regulations. By identifying and rectifying potential breaches, property owners can avoid legal repercussions and, more importantly, create a safer environment for occupants.

Employee and Occupant Safety

The primary goal of fire risk assessments is to protect lives. Assessors consider the safety of both employees, occupants and other relevant people, providing recommendations for evacuation procedures, emergency exits, and communication protocols. This focus on human safety is paramount in preventing casualties during a fire emergency.

Prevention of Property Damage

Beyond human safety, fire risk assessments also aim to prevent extensive property damage. By identifying potential ignition sources and implementing measures to control or eliminate them, assessors contribute to the protection of assets and infrastructure.


Overall, the collapse of the case against this fire risk assessor emphasises the critical role that these professionals play in maintaining fire safety. Fire risk assessments are not just a regulatory requirement; they are a fundamental aspect of responsible property management. Property owners and managers should view fire risk assessments as an investment in the safety of their occupants, the protection of their assets, and the overall well-being of the community. The lessons from this case serve as a reminder of the importance of proactive fire risk management in preventing potential disasters.


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