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The Building Safety Act of 2022 has introduced amendments to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Responsible persons are urged to stay informed about these changes and ensure compliance with the updated Fire Safety Compliance regulations. Here’s an overview of the key changes:


Recording Fire Risk Assessments in Full

Responsible persons must now record their completed fire risk assessment in full, including all relevant details. This replaces the previous requirement to record only specific information. The identity of the individual or organisation engaged to undertake or review the fire risk assessment must be recorded. Responsible persons are required to document their fire safety arrangements, demonstrating how fire safety is managed in their premises.

A legislative requirement, to be enacted at a later date, specifies that fire risk assessors appointed by responsible persons must be competent. Guidance on this requirement will be provided before it takes effect.


Contact and Data Sharing

Responsible persons must maintain their contact information and share it with other responsible persons and residents of multi-occupied residential premises where applicable. All responsible persons must take reasonably practicable steps to identify other responsible persons who share duties in the same premises. Responsible persons for higher-risk residential buildings must identify and cooperate with accountable persons under the Building Safety Act, sharing relevant fire safety information.

Outgoing responsible persons are required to share all “relevant fire safety information” with incoming responsible persons. Responsible persons are encouraged to work cohesively with other responsible persons to ensure a unified approach to fire safety throughout a building. Responsible persons must share relevant fire safety information with incoming responsible persons to ensure a continual record of fire safety information throughout a building’s lifetime.


Requirements for Buildings with Multiple Domestic Premises

In addition to the specific instructions required by the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, responsible persons for buildings with two or more sets of domestic premises must provide detailed information to residents, including identified risks, fire safety measures, and contact details. Including details of any competent persons nominated by the responsible person to implement firefighter measures.


Increased Fines 

The Building Safety Act has increased fines for specific offences under the Fire Safety Order, aligning them with other offences. The Act reinforces the weight of guidance published under Article 50 of the Fire Safety Order in court proceedings, allowing compliance or deviation from this guidance to be considered in establishing whether there was a breach of the Fire Safety Order. 

It has increased the fine for offences relating to the intentionally deceptive impersonation of a fire inspector, a failure to comply with specific requirements imposed by an inspector, and a failure to comply with requirements relating to the installation of luminous tube signs, from Level 3 (£1,000) to Level 5 (unlimited).


This overview emphasises the comprehensive nature of the amendments, aiming to enhance fire safety measures, information sharing, and accountability in various types of premises. Responsible persons are urged to stay informed about these changes and ensure compliance with the updated regulations.


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