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Electrical Advice

How to change a plug fuse

How to change a fuse on a plug socket

In regards to a fuse, similar to changing a light bulb, it is possible to change these yourself. Here we will provide a breakdown of how to change a fuse and how to avoid creating a faulty or dangerous product

Landlord Tenant Responsibility

Landlord Vs Tenant Responsibility

If you are a landlord, leasing your property or a tenant renting a property, it can sometimes lead to unwanted maintenance and repairs and it’s not always clear who is responsible when things go wrong.

Loss of power in my house

What should I do if there’s loss of power in my home?

If you experience an emergency such as complete loss of power and it is not a power cut, you can instruct Clockwork Maintenance, where an electrician will attend at the earliest convenience.

General Maintenance

How to bleed your radiators in 5 easy steps

If you find that your radiator is hot and cold in places, it is most likely that your radiator needs bleeding. This is a simple first-step solution that can be done before calling out an engineer.   Trapped air in the radiator can restrict the circulation of hot water, which means less heat is emitted […]

Prevent mould and condensation

How to prevent mould and condensation

Mould and condensation is one of the most troublesome forms of damp that can appear in your home. Here, Clockwork tells you how to prevent this.

topping up a combi-boiler

How to top up the pressure on your boiler

One of the most common boiler issues, is no hot water, this may be due to a loss of water pressure which is a relatively easy problem to solve. Anyone can do this and in just a few steps you will have hot water. Repressurising the boiler means allowing more water to enter the system […]

how to unblock a drain or sewer

How to unblock a drain

Blocked drains if left, can lead to serious consequences such as flooding and subsequent damages. There is also the issue of understanding who is responsible for what drain and whether the issue is with your house or a communal fault.   First things first, to try and avoid these issues in the first place, check […]

DIY Home Improvement

Top 10 tips for DIY Home Improvement

At Clockwork, we’ve put together some of our favourite DIY tips, which can hopefully help you along the way

Winter proof your property

Winter proof your property

There are lots of things that can be done to help keep the cold out and the warm in.  Here we look at ways to keep your home cosy, with some advance preparation

Property Advice

Extending your home

Beginners Guide to extending your home

Here we look at the different ways of extending property as well as making use of existing space, as well as planning permission.

Block Maintenance: How to maintain your apartment and block

Maintenance to a block of flats can be anything from day-to-day cleaning and upkeep to the periodic maintenance of painting the communal areas, lift repairs and replacing roofs. The service charge you pay will cover maintaining the communal areas, however, it is also important to keep your individual flat maintained.    Maintaining your apartment Maintaining […]

Keep your property secure

How to keep your property secure

Often properties are not left secure because of a distraction or not properly locking your home. It is worth checking your products regularly to ensure that they are still working to their full capacity, items like locks, handles, frames and alarms all need to be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Maintain a student property

How to maintain Student properties

There are many benefits to renting out a student property, you can almost guarantee a 12 month tenancy well in advance and if you get it right, with most university degrees lasting for 3-4 years you could maintain the same tenants for this period